Admist the bad news we’re all hearing about during these difficult times, we at ZKTeco are happy to bring you some much needed good news! The capabilities of our touchless SpeedFace+ series Access Control readers provide much needed peace of mind to business owners wrestling with the uncertainties of running their businesses during these very challenging times. What better time than now to consider implementing touchless access control technology that uses facial and/or palm recognition? A touchless access control solution translates into better hygiene for everyone. It also allows for a much quicker flow of foot traffic, and enhanced security and convenience for authorized users seeking access through a door, gate or turnstile. Our SpeedFace+ embedded face & palm recognition sensor provides 100% touchless user authentication for a variety of applications spanning Access Control, Time & Attendance, Visitor Management, Event Management & more.

There’s MORE good news for business owners, their employees and patrons. The SpeedFace+ series of face, palm and fingerprint recognition readers ALSO detect is a person requesting access has an acceptable body-temperature and is wearing a protective mask. The patent-pending technology of our Biometric readers with body temperature detection will instantly read if someone trying to enter registers an unacceptable temperature. Users will be denied door access if an unacceptable body temperature or no mask is detected.

Identifying users having unacceptable body temperature or not wearing a mask greatly helps prevent the spread of germs, especially in shipping favilities, airports, schools, commercial office buildings, pharmacies, grocery stores, and many more. Users who take advantage of this new and innovative technology can take the necessary health precautions accordingly. Most non-technical companies are not yet familiar with the deep access control technologies that are available to help mitigate risks. So, simply stated, SpeedFace+ combines a very powerful embedded thermal camera and ZKTeco’s innovative face, palm, and fingerprint recognition algorithms that are supported by an optimized dual-core processor. SpeedFace+ delivers high-level accuracy, matching-speed, and versatility in access control, and provides advanced security and convenience, all on a single affordable device.

The capabilities of our SpeedFace+ series of face, palm and fingerprint recognition readers can store and match up to 50,000 faces and 5,000 palms. Matching speed is less than 0.3 seconds and its body temperature detection is accurate to within +/- 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit when an individual stands within 18 inches of its integrated thermal sensor. Door/turnstile access can be denied if unacceptable body temperature or no protective mask is detected.

All of us at ZKTeco stand ready to help you through these difficult days. We are so pleased to offer this innovative and protective solution to you. For more information please call +254700449778 or email

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